A Limited Edition Hardback (10 copies). This listing will be removed once it is gone.

Genre: Psychological Horror

The Kindle release is due March 2024.


There’s an old village in England. It was once
thriving, full of life from those who worked in
the nearby mines. But, when the mines closed,
the families had no option but to move away
to pastures new.

Decades later, with the village left to rot, and
the British government decided to step in. In
an effort to breathe new life into the village,
they decide to sell the houses at ultra-low
prices. The catch? The new owners have a set
amount of time to renovate their new home.
What they do from there is up to them. Some
would want to move in, others would want to
sell up. Then,there are those who’d rent it out
as a holiday home.

For those looking to take part in the scheme, it
sounds like an amazing opportunity. And, it
was and could have stayed that way too...

If only they didn’t go digging up past secrets.