Roe V. Wade


At first I couldn't find the words to express my bitter disappointment in the latest happenings over in the United States of America. When I finally did have something to say, I realised I had a whole lot more than just an angry social media status to shout about. Now, I know some people will consider this book poor taste. Some people may even decide to stop reading my work based on this one title and, you know, I'm fine with that.

What happens within this book is a story. Whilst it has the recent abortion laws at the heart of the tale, it takes an extreme turn within the first few pages. Some people may sit there in delight at the deliciously dark goings on, others will worry that - sometimes it is the extreme routes which end up to being the closest to the reality we're faced with.

I hope this book makes you stop and think about what is happening in America. I know it won't fall into the right hands to make a difference, or change the minds of the idiotic but - with enough people standing up and screaming when something wrong is happening in the country they love... Sometimes.... Sometimes their voices are heard.

Be heard.

The year is 2032 and five year old Jacob is opening the biggest gift, beneath the Christmas tree, which is labelled for him. His very first semi-automatic rifle and - he couldn't be prouder. He smiles to his parents who sit close by. They don't smile back. Their minds are stuck on earlier events of what should have been a magical day: The moment they found out Jacob was set to be a brother.
A second child had never been a part of their "plan". Even if they had wanted one, they knew they couldn't afford one. More than that, the first pregnancy almost resulted in the death of both mother and child. Neither husband nor wife wished to chance that again... But it wasn't up to them. She was pregnant and that was that. They had to smile at the news and appear happy and financially stable enough to be able to afford a new addition to the family. If the cracks showed in the relationship, the government would come knocking and, the mother would end up in Room 101. The new child, now property of The Powers That Be.

WARNING: This is an extreme horror story. It is not intended for those who are easily shocked or offended.

A pocketbook of approximately 160 pages