Patchwork - horror (signed paperback)


A disturbing horror film, PATCHWORK tells the story of a once happy couple whose lives are changed one tragic night when an accident permanently disfigures the wife's face.

Jack and Tina are a normal couple. Tina works hard in an office and her husband, Jack, runs a successful restaurant on the edge of the city. With plans for the future, they feel as though their lives are heading in the right direction until, one night, their house is broken into by an intruder.

This stranger, known to the news for his horrific crimes, has been plaguing the city for a while now with the police none the wiser as to who it is, despite the fact he always leaves the husbands alive, after forcing them to watch the brutal killing of their partners.

Jack and Tina aren't about to just become another statistic adding to this killer's total though and they fight back but, in their escape, the car leaves the road and Tina is thrown through the windscreen; an accident which permanently disfigures her, as well as causing damage to her brain which forever changes her personality.

Jack loves Tina though and isn't about to turn his back on her despite her change in both appearance and mindset and, together, they try and rebuild their lives although it's not long before Jack realises nothing will ever be the same again.

Aware she is "ugly" and that her husband won't come near her anymore, with her mind broken, Tina books her husband a lady of the night in an effort to help relieve him of his stress. It's an act which doesn't go down well given Jack doesn't want to sleep with anyone else. He wants his wife. As he asks the prostitute to leave, Tina appears from the shadows with a knife in hand and a plan in her tortured mind. To be beautiful again, all it takes is the face of another woman.

As both characters slip into madness, they soon find themselves bringing more women back to the house. When the rot sets in with one face, another is soon ready for stapling into position and, when the rot sets in with that one... Another is not far behind. With the faces removed, the rest of the bodies are disposed of in the only way Jack can think of; by slicing them up and serving them to his wealthy restaurant customers.

Whilst Tina feels nothing, emotionally and physically, it's not long before the guilt is eating her husband away as his customers, meanwhile, eat the evidence.