Back in the club - signed paperback (sequel to Join me in the club)


It had been a long night in the club. Gary had
played his part as directed by the government
and was looking ahead to putting his life back
on track, unaware that his time with the club
wasn’t quite over yet. In his time away from
home, his wife had taken delivery of a package
of her own. Unlike her husband, Carol hadn’t
received the white token. The owner of a red
token, her night at the club would be her final
night on earth. That is, unless she and her
husband could find a way to beat the system...

Ashley and Brad thought they had beaten the
system. When she received a red token, Brad
made her pack up her belongings and - together
- they hit the road. Their plan was to keep on
driving, living off the grid, but the best laid
plans never go as smoothly as one would want.

Now, the lives of both couples are about to come
crashing together with devasting consequences