And God Created - signed paperback


When Jimmie wakes up in hospital, he has no recollection how he got there. According to the doctors, the vehicle he was driving mounted a pavement and hit several pedestrians before slamming into a wall. A mother and her infant child were killed in the crash, whilst others were seriously hurt.
Full of remorse, and pending a court case for involuntary manslaughter, Jimmie comes out of hospital and tries to rebuild his life as best as he can. But with the guilt of what happened weighing down heavy on him, and a visit from a stranger clutching the Holy Book, Jimmie soon realises his life will never be the same again.
While everyone seems to be blaming him for what happened, thanks to the stranger’s words, Jimmie knows there’s only one person who should be blamed... And, before long, he knows there’s only one way to set things right.