1-2-1 Online Writing Class with Matt Shaw

£20.00 - £140.00

I’ve been passionate for writing for over 30 years, having written my first novel at the age of 12 (it was terrible, obviously). I am very fortunate to have carved myself a career in writing and have been doing it, full-time, for over 15 years. Not only have I worked with some of my personal heroes (including co-writing a book with Shaun Hutson), my work has also been adapted to film, graphic novels and into multiple languages (French, German, Korean, Polish and Japanese). Now, I am offering help to those wanting to write for themselves.

The courses are done via computer (Skype, or Zoom). Each lesson is one hour long and structured around different aspects of writing, including the following items:

1. Where to find your story and setting your expectations within the industry.
2. How to write your story (finding your style, type of voice to use).
3. Differences between different length works (novella, novel, short story) and which you should write.
4. Important of networking and what to be careful of.
5. Editing your work.
6. Different ways you can publish your work.
7. Best practises for approaching agents / publishers / reviewers
8. Tips on cover design / where to find artists.

If you wish to sign up for classes, your best bet is to really think about what you are hoping to get from the classes. That way the lessons can be tailored directly to your needs as opposed to waffling about things which do not impact you, and never will. After all, no point wasting time going over certain aspects of the industry that you have no plans, or desires, to ever touch.

In this course, I can guarantee that you will walk away with all the information you need to finish and publish your work. What I cannot guarantee is that it will make you rich. There are many authors out there who work extremely hard and yet still have to keep a full-time job to keep bills being paid. A writing career is not just talent but also luck too.

Course costs: £20 per hour, or 8 lessons for £140 (payable upfront, saving you £20). There are different listings on my ETSY page, depending on whether you want a trial lesson, one lesson or bulk.

When payment is made: Leave a note for what you want the lesson to concentrate on so it can be tailored to your needs. Also leave a note as to possible dates and times that are of interest to you.
Lessons scheduled in at mutually convenient time. If 24 hours notice given, lesson can be rearranged for free. If less than 24 hours notice - no refunds, or rearranges will be permitted.

Lessons can be scheduled any time from 7am through to 11pm start time (UK).